IMO, our pitching has looked good enough to contend. Our hitting and somewhat shoddy defense is the real problem. If Goldy and Arenado can regain something close to an average season, the Redbirds should be ok. Getting Nootbaar back in the lineup should also help. I was going to say that getting Wilson Contreras back should help, but in reality Herrera has done a remarkable job filling in for him. I like the Cardinals chances to at least make it as a wildcard team this season. So regarding your question, yes a softer schedule could help the team secure a playoff spot. Yes, the glass is 1/2 full!

Regards, Martin

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Which is a fair way to look at it! It definitely helped that Sonny Gray got back on track last night. That said, I'm still not completely comfortable with Lance Lynn and the fifth starter spot is up in the air. I worry a bit about the big three in the bullpen starting to wear down. Hopefully it goes better than I think, though!

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