I didn’t come here to be the typical vitriol spitting StL Cards X ranter. But as I’m reading this it dawned on me that we are a tight hammy or elbow tightness away from Drew Rom starting a game in April in a real Major League Baseball game. Think about that. At the tail end of one of the worst seasons in Cardinals’ recent history, we saw real games started by dudes like Dakota Hudson and Drew Rom. After we shipped off half the pitching staff due to a failure of roster construction, the club simply needed guys to throw innings and finish this miserable season. The scared realization: This front office didn’t learn dick. As we get further away from 2023, you can tell the club has adopted this throwaway line like “everything that could happen bad last year happened”

We’ve heard it from BDW, BD3, and Mo 5,000 times.

And I’m realizing last year didn’t teach them anything. The club had 5 starters penciled in this year, same as last season. Waino went down early in ST last year, zero additions made. Gray goes down early, “patience” and nothing else said from Mo. enter Zach Thompson.

What happens if there’s a 4-10 start this season? Mo gonna hold his bullshit little press conference, talk about injuries and “give us patience, we’ve done this before”

Okay, I’m done. I just have this nagging feeling that last year didn’t teach these guys shit and their tired ass, aging model works, last year was a total anomaly, and were complacent and arrogant. (Thanks 2015, for really making Mo and the FO think they are geniuses)

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I think there's something to that. It does feel like the front office felt like last year was the one aberration in an almost 25-year run of fair to great baseball. And maybe it was! There were a lot of things that did go wrong that you would expect to turn around. If you reran last year 100 times, you probably get that bad of a result only once or twice.

But you also probably never get a team that wins 90 games. You would have thought that they would realize that they were one Sonny Gray injury from having a mediocre at best rotation. Maybe the offense and bullpen are strong enough to handle that sort of pitching, I don't know, but getting Gray, an actual #2, and then either Lynn or Gibson would have seemed the better way to cushion against problems.

It's also a time of transition, I think, which makes it hard for the club to commit to long term strategies. Mo's leaving by the end of next year and they really seem to have set things up so whomever takes over can immediately put their stamp on things rather than dealing with a lot of Mo's legacy contracts.

If things struggle again this year, it's going to be hard for them to run that line out there again.

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That's now three key players on the DL the Cardinals are counting on this season to help turn things around. Not time to panic, but certainly not off to the start we were hoping.

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Hopefully Saggese can pick up a few credit hours this summer to keep working toward that Leadership degree. At the very least, maybe earn a merit badge or two when he can to help his cause.

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